Passion vs. Purpose

I’ve always been jealous of those people who were really, really into something – a sport, a hobby, a career, whatever. Those people who knew what they loved doing, have been doing it forever, and were dedicated to getting better at it. So much so that it was just a part of who they were. It has never been easy for me to figure out what my “true passion” is. I recently discovered the word “neophile” and think that it fits me perfectly –  “a personality type characterized by a strong affinity for novelty.” I like change, trying new things, and I get bored easily. There hasn’t been one hobby that I’ve stuck to long-term. I have a lot of random interests – in the past couple months alone, I’ve […]


Start Before You’re Ready

I’m a Type-A perfectionist. And, while perfectionism can certainly be beneficial at times, it more often than not only paralyzes me. I will research and try to gather all the information (and I mean all of it) about something before even considering getting in the ring with it. I fear moving forward and taking action until I know 100% that something is going to work. And, of course, you can never really know that. While I love change in some ways – I enjoy moving to new cities, finding all new friends and relationships, trying out numerous hobbies and passions – if it’s something I feel is going to be in my life long-term, then I need to know for sure it’s just perfect. Logical me knows this is unreasonable […]


Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

I’m a dreamer. From as young as I can remember I’ve always had these massive dreams of wealth. I’m talking full-on mansion on the beach with maids and cooks and servants and cars and lavish vacations. Multi-billionaire. At 10 years old, there wasn’t a question in my mind. I knew like I knew like I knew that I would have it. Fast forward to age 30, and I’m sitting here wondering where those millions of bucks are that I was so sure I’d have by now. Age 30 was a wake up call (one that I wish I had way sooner). I began to realize that, although I’ve accomplished some impressive stuff in my life – I grew up pretty poor and was the first person on my mother’s side […]